Inaugural Tejon Tribal Pow Wow (2015) - Amateur Film by Colin Rambo

Inaugural Tejon Tribal Pow Wow (2015) - Amateur Film by Colin Rambo

The Tribe's Cultural Resource Management Technician, Colin Rambo, used his personal camcorder and amateur audiovisual editing software to create a ~30-minute video that captured the highlights of the Tejon Tribe's inaugural Pow Wow in 2015.


The original version of this amateur film was created to celebrate the success of the Tejon Indian Tribe's first annual Pow Wow at California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) in 2015, and to honor the Tribal Volunteers who donated countless hours of hard work to manifest this momentous event. The original video was presented as surprise gift to the Tribe's Leadership in early 2016. 

With the blessing of Tribal Leadership, the original film was subsequently augmented for public distribution; primarily, as a gift for those fiscal sponsors, community partners and other stakeholders who supported this Pow Wow. Moreover, it serves as an archival record of this significant moment in Tejon Tribal history, just three years after the Tribe's federal recognition. The augmented version of the film is included here, and may be shared freely with the general public.

Please remember, this film was created with amateur equipment and personal dedication; so, please forgive any shortcomings. That said, if there is anyone interested in assisting with the creation of new films and/or providing professional audiovisual services, please feel free to contact me via email at 


Colin Rambo




Inaugural Tejon Tribal Pow Wow (2015) - Amateur Film by Colin Rambo, by Colin Rambo


The following timetable describes the various sections/chapters of the film (by minute):

0:00 - 4:00 - Introduction (includes speeches from Tribal Chairperson Kathryn Montes Morgan and CSUB President Horace Mitchell)

4:00 - 12:00 - First Grand Entry (first song; color/honor guard; dancers' entry into sacred arena)

12:00 - 23:20 - Kalpulli Teuxihuitl - Mexica (Aztec) Dancers (special guests)

23:20 - 25:00 - Short Interviews with Pow Wow: Vendors, Staff and Participants 

25:00 - 27:52 - Closing Ceremonies and Honoring of Tejon Tribal Pow Wow Committee (includes speech from Chairperson Montes Morgan)